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Certified Health Coaching in Nursing

Nurse health coaches are medical professionals that utilize a combination of traditional and holistic treatments to help patients improve their health and fitness. It’s critical to understand the primary responsibilities of a nurse health coach and the educational qualifications for the position.

Nurse health coaches help patients achieve their personal health goals and objectives by providing them with useful healthcare information. Through consultation and strategy sessions, nurse health coaches frequently assist clients and patients in focusing on their overall health and well-being. These sessions are conducted by identifying main health concerns or challenges, aiding clients in setting sound goals and giving them tools to achieve those goals.

Key responsibilities of a nurse health coach:

A nurse health coach is in charge of a variety of responsibilities daily, including:

  • Educating people on how to live a healthier lifestyle to avoid high-risk behaviors
  • Creating seminars to educate customers and their families on health and wellness
  • Establishing wellness goals and objectives with clients.
  • Identifying clients’ health risks or concerns
  • Making contact with customers’ healthcare professionals to inform them of their procedures
  • Creating individualized care and coaching strategies for each client
  • Keeping track of client’s progress toward their wellness objectives
  • Inspiring consumers to keep up with their proper health and well-being routines

The following are the steps to becoming a certified nurse health coach:

Become a certified health coach

Earning a health coach certification can assist in exhibiting relevant abilities and experience, as well as making an individual’s resume more visible to employers. Nurse health coaches can get one of two types of certifications:

Certification for nurse coaches

The Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program, offered by the International Nurse Coach Association (INCA), assesses a person’s capacity to treat patients and clients using traditional approaches. The organization offers a two-part curriculum that prepares individuals to become board certified as nurse health coaches by providing further training and education. Here are the primary requirements to become board certified:

  • A registered nurse’s license
  • RN with two years of experience
  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing is required.
  • 60 hours of contact
  • Coaching experience of 60 hours

Certification as a holistic nurse coach

Holistic nurse coaches help patients and clients accomplish their health and well-being objectives by providing alternative treatment options such as yoga and aromatherapy. The Holistic Nurse Board Certified (HN-BC) certification is offered by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) and is earned through an application and a quantitative examination. The following are the prerequisites for obtaining an HN-BC certification:

  • A registered nurse’s license
  • Full-time holistic nursing experience for one year
  • Nurses must complete 40 hours of continuing education in holistic nursing practices.
  • A nursing degree from a nationally certified program


A registered nurse who integrates coaching competencies into any context or specialty area of practice to promote a change or development process that helps individuals or groups reach their potential is known as a professional/certified nurse health coach. The change process is based on the understanding that effective change must emerge from within before it can be externally manifested and maintained. The professional nurse coach works with the full individual, integrating body, mind, emotion, spirit, and environment through concepts and modalities.

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