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Teacher Wellbeing Has Never Been So Low

Work-Life balance went out the window for most teaching staff as soon as we asked them to set up home offices.

One lasting legacy we are left with in the wake of Covid-19, is the impact it has had on our teaching staff. From the moment we sent them away to work from home, we ran into issues. Some were not trained in computing, some were reluctant to teach over video link, and others didn’t have the kind of quiet home life conducive to effective teaching environments. As such, we now have a plethora of teachers who are burnt out from lack of home time, who are moving constantly between blended learning and the traditional classroom, and who are in constant fear of redundancy because they don’t have the tech skills needed to cope.

Teacher wellbeing is at an all time low. However, there are a few things you can do to perk your teaching staff back up again. We researched some ways your educators might benefit. Asides from giving them a two week vacation on a private island like they all deserve; here are some realistic rewards.

Tips to Improve Teacher Wellbeing in Your School

Here are the top tips on the internet for improving teacher wellbeing in your school or educational facility.

1 – Wellbeing Training

Using a course like those provided by Hays Education, you can send your teachers through a wellbeing training course for no additional cost to yourself. That’s right, wellbeing training from Hays is completely free.

Teaching your teachers to monitor and continuously improve their own mental health and general wellbeing is a great way to help them stay on top of their stress levels. As we known, higher stress levels mean higher levels of burnout. We don’t want teachers that can’t face coming to work, so this type of training is good for your bottom line, your attendance levels, and your teachers.

2 – Web Tech Training

Secondly, those teachers fearful for their jobs because they don’t understand the tech aspects? We need to address that. Training is a fast and effective way to remove that worry from their mind. If they understand the system, they don’t have the constant worry of being found out as an imposter or losing their jobs because they don’t understand video calling. Some educators make a living as a web-based tutor. You could give them the skills to do this while retaining them for yourself.

3 – Establish Boundaries

Have a staff meeting. Sit down with your teachers and ask them what their boundaries are between teaching and home life. If they go home and work until 9pm, you are going to have stressed out, burnt out teachers sooner rather than later. Don’t let it happen to you. A burnt out teacher is an absentee waiting to happen and this impacts your budget. Instead, encourage them to set boundaries with school. Make sure they are unavailable past a certain time of day. Try to lessen their home workload wherever you can. You owe it to them as a responsible, caring, and wise employer.

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