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The Digital Landscape Of College Search

More and more universities are beginning to take advantage of popular social media platforms as recruitment tools. Understanding that potential students can be influenced by these platforms, colleges are creating meaningful content to share with them. In most instances the users within the age range that these universities are targeting are fond of genuine content, stuff that they can’t easily see through.  For this reason, a great deal of these universities will look to user-generated content from students to share. Whether it’s from currently enrolled students or recent graduates, content such as this has a more authentic appeal to young minds and gives applicants a real look into life on campus. In general, these endorsements are more effective at influencing today’s students than traditional university marketing efforts, such as a presentation from the admissions office. User generated content isn’t the only strategy being used by these universities and their recruiters. To understand more about the ways in which universities are utilizing these popular platforms, in addition to the content strategies that they’ve developed, please read on to the infographic coupled alongside this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, an organization offering a premier alumni engagement platform

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