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Understanding the Career Progression of a Bartender

Even now, people cannot chose bartending as their first option when it comes to carer choice. If you wish to delve in to other career options like Engineering or medicine, there are plenty of institutes to train you, but there are very few good institutes like  École du bar de Montréal that provide quality training to those who decide to progress in the field of bartending. Bartending is not an easy task and requires as much dedication and interest as other career options if you wish to flourish in the business. In this article, we shall discuss about the career progression for a bartender.

The Initial Phase of a Bartender’s Job

Just like other professions, the career of a bartender also starts from the bottom wherein he is required to clean the pub, clean the glasses and utensils etc. It is frustrating at first, but with your dedication you can accomplish the tasks assigned to you without complaints. Once you cross that phase, you will slowly learn to make cocktail drinks of your customer’s choice in a jiffy. You may additionally learn few interesting tricks from your seniors to wow your customers.

The Gradual Uplift of Your Career

Once you prove yourself effective in the pub, you will be eventually promoted to the next available position. Depending upon the type of pub you have joined, your promotion will be affected accordingly. If the pub is small, you have to be in the good books of the owner of the pub as he is the main person who will evaluate you. So, try to share maximum responsibilities so that you are projected as the second man of the pub. If you are working in a big hotel or bar, then your efforts will promote you as per the norms of the company. The career progression is very steep here and you will gradually understand the career progression in a pub that is huge and has plenty of customers coming in. In the later part of your career, you may join at a higher position in the same or a different high-end pub or else start your own business.

No job is easy and if you happen to choose bartending as a career option just because you love hanging out in pubs then wait up and understand the work that goes behind progressing in this career. Bartending needs your dedication as well as self-control to do justice to your job.

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