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Here is How to Ace the JC H2 Math like a Pro

JC or Junior College is perhaps the most difficult time in a student’s life. And especially, nothing holds a candle to the difficulty of JC H2 Math. No matter how good you were in the Secondary Additional Mathematics, you will still be overwhelmed by the JC H2 math. But, worry not. We have listed a few tips on acing the JC H2 math from the opinion of JC maths tuition teachers. Thank us later.

  1. Understanding

When students were asked why they couldn’t do well in the JC H2 Math, they confessed that they couldn’t understand the topics. When it came to Additional Math, most of the questions they asked were typical. They are taught to implement a method when they see a specific word or phrase. But this is not the case in JC anymore. The questions bear a lot of twists and turns and you should grasp a good understanding of the topic to solve them. When studying a topic, take your time to understand the topics, methods and the theories associated with it. Don’t just skim on the topics. Try to understand them deeply. Summarize each of the topics. List down the things you have learned and keep refining them.


  1. Practice

There is no foolproof shortcut to score in Math apart from doing a lot of practice. Invest hours of hard work every day in order to ace JC H2 exam like a pro. Sometimes the JC tutorials are simply not enough. Practice via tutorials to gain a sturdy understanding. Then practice the exam papers to solve more difficult questions.

  1. Consistency

Those who managed to score an A were consistent in their studies and performed well in their school exams. The experience says that it is not possible to prepare when you only have 3 months to your exams. Many topics are interlinked with one another. If you are thinking of skimping one of them, that very topic will haunt you later. Hence, it is necessary to invest your time to catch up with those topics. Revise each class you have been taught and common test in a diligent routine and invest your best effort.


  1. Master your time

Time management is essential. Plan on how much time you need to spend every day on your studies. Many students tend to invest their time in the CCAs and their studies are being neglected. They lag behind in schools and fail their tests. They fail in their promos as well. CCAs should be taken into consideration but they shouldn’t be prioritized every time. If you need extra time for studies, you might have to say no to the other activities. Prioritize your studies. Create a weekly timetable and follow it.

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