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Why is Gun Care and Handling Important?

Gun owners must be responsible for the safe handling and use of their weapons. Live fire is an important part of proper training, providing immediate feedback regarding your ability to consistently hit the target. Live ammunition rounds can be expensive as well as dangerous to handle or store properly. Due to safety concerns about live ammo, and the expense of firing it; airsoft guns have become extremely popular for casual target practice and gun training.

Whether it’s your first time at the range or you are a seasoned vet, getting to know your firearm is key, and knowing how and when to put that safety on can potentially save lives in the future. Treat your gun with respect and don’t overlook the importance of caring for it properly to keep our streets safe.

Learn all about gun storage

Storing guns and firearms can be a daunting task for some. There are many different components to think about, not to mention various laws and regulations that must be considered. While the best place to store your gun collection depends on the specific circumstances of each individual case, there is one thing all gun collectors agree on: you need high quality storage safe if you plan on keeping your guns secure.

Gun storage is a challenging subject, not only because there are so many different options and considerations, but also because of all the misinformation that exists. To make things easier, we have put together a wide variety of resources on gun storage. Our content covers everything from how to securely store your guns when you’re on the move, to long-term care and maintenance issues.

Gun cleaning and Gun maintenance

Gun maintenance and cleaning is a necessary part of owning a firearm. It’s also a way for gun owners and enthusiasts to spend some time with their guns, taking care of them. Purchasing the right tools for this job can be confusing for the novice gun owner. The process should be simple and convenient. Optibrand Gun Tools has been manufacturing quality gun cleaning tools since 1924, when Carl Wienke began making case lubes in his store in Hamburg, Germany. To this day,we are advancing our product line to fit all types of firearms on the market today. We continually research and develop new products designed to serve your cleaning and maintenance needs. You will find Gun Tools that you can trust and storage solutions that you need, such as Gun Vises & Racks. As you browse through our website we hope that you take time to consider all the options we have available to help you keep your firearms in top condition.

Please check your guns and firearms for these 7 things to ensure your gun and yourself remain safe:

  1. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions, especially if you are carrying the firearm in a case or bag. 
  2. Be careful not to leave a loaded gun where children or unauthorized persons may find it. 
  3. Know how to operate your handgun – learn about the safety features and how to use them properly. 
  4. Keep guns locked up-unload and locks open except when ready to use it. 
  5. Wear eye/ear protection – even with an airgun. 
  6. Avoid alcohol, narcotics or chemicals before operating any firearm. 
  7. Learn more about firearms and practice frequently but safely.

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