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What Does an Immigration Medical Exam Do For an Immigrant Visa?

The medical exams for immigration are one of the most stringent requirements for immigration. The exam can be considered a lifeline for any immigrant seeking to enter the United States as a legal permanent resident. All prospective applicants must be thoroughly examined by their prospective immigration doctor. In this way, the doctor can accurately determine whether or not the applicant is suffering from any serious health condition that would make him or her inadmissible to the United States as an immigrant. This requirement applies to all applicants, regardless of their age, gender, or religion.

Applicants need to complete two separate but related forms. The first form, called the health history form, is necessary for the visa application process. It must be completed and signed by the applicant on his or her behalf. The second form, called the physical appearance form, is needed for the visa application and must be completed by the applicant on his or her behalf and must be signed by the applicant on his or her behalf.

Both forms are available at the same office, located at the U.S. embassies in the country of residence for applicants who speak only English-speaking languages (such as Chinese or Spanish). The offices are located in New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Sydney. By completing the forms at the same office, applicants can apply for the visa right away. Once the application is completed, it can be submitted to the U.S. Embassy via mail. However, if the applicant chooses to submit the forms electronically, he or she will be required to appear in person at the U.S. embassies to receive the visa.

Before even submitting the visa application, however, it is important that the applicant research and get as much information as possible about the medical examination requirements. This includes all of the different types of tests, the visa application might require, and what type of results can come out of the test. For instance, an I-Raffle must first be taken. This test verifies the applicant’s knowledge of English and American culture and values. To receive the result, however, the person must also successfully pass the I-Raffle.

It is also important for anyone applying for a United States green card to research and become familiar with immigration medical examinations and their requirements. Becoming familiar with the process of obtaining a permanent resident will make the process go faster and will help the applicant to be more successful. When the time comes, the green card applicant should consult with his or her doctor and the immigration consul to find out when the exam will be administered.

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