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University of Phoenix Explores Generational Workplace Differences in Educational Equity Webinar

University of Phoenix’s monthly Educational Equity webinar series provides a virtual space for future-facing discussions about leadership, equity and inclusion in the University, workplace and wider community. On July 21, 2022, the University hosted a key webinar in this series entitled “Building Bridges Among Generational Differences in the Workplace.”

This webinar is one of several in the series for University of Phoenix faculty, staff, students and alumni, educators, higher education leaders and administrators, DEI practitioners, employers, government affiliates and not-for-profit organizations anywhere in the world.

Webinar Host: LaTasha Williams

University of Phoenix invited LaTasha Williams, MBA, SHRM-CP, CCTC, ACRW to host the webinar, which aimed to help participants understand how to work with people of different ages to overcome generational differences in the workplace. Williams is a certified career strategy and leadership development coach. She is also the talent acquisition and leadership director of the Modern Millennial Careers & Consulting.

Having progressed quickly in her career, many people ask Williams what her secret to success is. It’s because of this that Williams knows she has tapped into a career strategy unknown to most. Establishing her own company, Williams began consulting others by using her learnings to help them secure, and thrive in, their ideal careers.

Reforming Ideas About Generation

Williams guided delegates through the webinar, helping them understand myths about generations and shift their perceptions away from stereotypes to understand generations. She encouraged participants to reform their perspectives about what a generation is (and isn’t) so they could be better positioned to teach, train, coach and develop others in a multi-generational workplace.

Delegates learned how to accept and embrace the diverse range of ages, perspectives and skills often present in an organization. Rather than allowing this kind of diversity to lead to conflict, Williams emphasized that leaders can integrate employee differences to enhance their collective outputs.

University of Phoenix’s Office of Educational Equity (OOE)

University of Phoenix’s Directors of Student Diversity and Inclusion, Tondra Richardson, MBA, and Saray Lopez, MBA hosted the webinar. Richardson and Lopez work in the University’s Office of Educational Equity (OEE), which strives to uphold acceptance and inclusion in all University offerings.

The OEE’s priority is to raise cultural awareness, nurture key relationships and prepare students so they can become well-rounded citizens in the working world. Aside from overseeing the Educational Equity webinar series, the OEE manages various initiatives to foster cultural awareness, form community alliances to encourage and maintain diversity initiatives and educational equity and provide thought leadership.

These initiatives include the following:

  • The President’s Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) crafts and promotes strategies that encourage inclusion, diversity and a sense of belonging throughout the University.
  • As part of the OEE’s commitment to creating a sense of belonging for everyone, students, alumni, faculty and staff have access to professional development opportunities that enable continuous learning.
  • The OEE creates support systems and resources that are culturally responsible, mindful of a diverse range of student needs and carefully designed to prepare students for careers in diverse workplaces.
  • Students can join Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) to network, develop career goals, meet mentors and hone their interpersonal skills.
  • The Tribal Operations Team works to address the needs of tribal students, their families and their communities.
  • The Cultural Competence Taskforce develops an integrated framework that holistically serves students of all backgrounds.
  • The Inclusive Café provides a virtual meeting platform for staff, where they can discuss the challenges they need to overcome to ensure personal and organizational growth.
  • The Faculty Engagement and Development Team produces and delivers the Inclusive Classroom Series, which offers practical strategies for DEIB-related situations.
  • Voluntary Employee Resource Groups cultivate diverse, inclusive workplaces, improve employee engagement and support professional and personal growth.
  • The OEE oversees several community engagement and outreach initiatives, collaborating with organizations like Achieving My Purpose, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Diversity Leadership Alliance.
  • The OEE co-hosts the annual Arizona Multicultural Educational Conference, which encourages multicultural teaching and learning and brings together educators, consultants, pre-service education majors and community members.
  • Finally, University of Phoenix sponsors Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates, a high school student mentoring program that sees employee volunteers support students as they explore their college and career ambitions.

The Educational Equity Webinar Series

Aside from the webinar on generational differences in the workplace, other University of Phoenix webinars include:

  • Creating a Supportive Network While Understanding the Diversity Within Indigenous Communities
  • There’s No Justice Without Disability
  • Healing Racism Beyond the Dialogue — What Is Racism?
  • Fostering Unity While Addressing Inequities
  • Storytelling as an Anti-Racism Tool to Create Community
  • Break the Ceiling: How Women Climb the Corporate Ladder
  • The 1619 Project: Understanding Its Importance as an Inclusive Leader
  • Creating Supportive and Affirming Spaces for Transgender Communities

Explore University of Phoenix’s Educational Equity webinar series.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is committed to progressing the educational goals of adult and nontraditional learners and to guiding students. The University’s degree programs correspond with numerous in-demand career paths including paths in cybersecurity, nursing and business. Furthermore, the University’s flexible start dates, online classes and numerous scholarship opportunities make it possible for anyone to earn the degree they need. The University’s Career Services for Life® commitment also provides active students and graduates with the resources needed to be prepared when entering the workforce for no additional charge. These services include career guidance, education and networking opportunities, and resume and interview support. For more information, visit www.phoenix.edu.

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