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Top 10 Study Abroad Universities for pursuing MBA

Pursuing an MBA from a top study abroad university can open an array of opportunities for students, however aspirants are always left with a dilemma of choosing a right university to pursue their MBA from. MBA is one of the most in-demand courses today, but it’s important to remember that why you’re studying MBA abroad, as well as the type of university and MBA program you attend, have connotations that can assist open doors based on the university’s reputation.

As a result, it is important to hand pick an ideal study abroad university with MBA programs that are best fit for you. Hence this article will give you information on top 10 study abroad universities for pursuing MBA.

  1. Stanford University

If you are aspiring to pursue your MBA from the USA, Stanford University is one of the best universities in USA and also has the best MBA programs designed to help you. The university will provide you an experience unlike any other. It is one of the leading research universities known for its entrepreneurial feature which draws the majority of international students. The university’s business school, which was founded in 1925, strives to build business leaders who can reinvent their industries and have a positive impact on the globe.

Stanford’s DNA is development and innovation, with experts in the industry and outstanding classmates from all around the world giving business innovations. The Stanford Graduate School of Business provides both a full-time MBA and a variety of dual-degree MBA programs.

  1. Harvard University

It is a well-known fact that Harvard is one of the top Study abroad University and as the oldest university for higher learning in the USA it offers quality education to students from all over the world and with the quality it promotes diversity and welcomes students from all subject areas. To develop students as global leaders Harvard offers transformative experiences. HBS, which was founded in 1908, offers an MBA program with a General Management curriculum that focuses on real-world problems. Because of the opportunity to investigate a prospective new venture, it also focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. HBS is known for having a diverse community of learning, which is regarded as one of the program’s greatest assets. It is now regarded as one of the greatest MBA programs in the world.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a public research university in Sloan is focused about invention, with the goal of turning every student’s fledgling technology idea into highly profitable corporations. It is a Management School founded in 1914 that brings together professionals and leaders to tackle the most difficult challenges in order to improve technology and build a better tomorrow.

2-year Flagship MIT Sloan is a full time MBA residential program and 1-year Sloan Fellows is a full-time MBA for mid-career executives from around 20 nationalities. These are the two variants that the university offers to thousands of international and national students.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is another one of the top universities worldwide that we have picked. In 1881, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School became the first business school in the United States. It is well-known for its tough Finance curriculum, which sets it apart from other MBA schools in the same academic field. Wharton’s MBA program offers comprehensive and flexible business education that encourages students to think strategically and quantitatively. The business school’s professors and faculty are thought leaders in the fields of finance and business. Getting an MBA at the Wharton School is all about garnering fresh perspectives, collaborating, and forming lifelong connections. Wharton’s MBA program, as an active business school of the University of Pennsylvania, provides 19 major and almost 200 elective areas to let you tailor your education to your abilities and interests.

  1. The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is routinely listed in the top 50 universities in the world, and was ranked 16th in the QS World University Rankings in 2022. Our entrepreneurial and cross-disciplinary atmosphere draws students and employees from all over the world, making Edinburgh a truly international experience. The university offer a vibrant working, studying, and teaching environment with outstanding resources. Edinburgh received the best possible rating for the quality of the student learning experience in the most recent evaluation from the Quality Assurance Agency. We have over 300 taught master’s programs, 180 research fields, and over 70 online programs to choose from.

  1. London Business School

75 percent of the world’s top 500 corporations are headquartered in London, while more than 1000 start-ups are founded every month. An MBA from the London Business School is a top priority for many students around the world, thanks to outstanding networking opportunities and a strong job foundation. LBS was founded in 1964 and is one of the top-ranked MBA schools in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the MBA at LBS is the world’s most flexible program, with options for finishing in 15, 18, or 21 months. It offers a set of core subjects as well as around 70 electives, giving students a wide range of opportunities to hone their leadership, global awareness, and business skills.

  1. The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a top worldwide university in general and a top provider of MBAs in particular. The Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) project, described as “action-oriented problem-solving” that addresses a critical issue confronting the world today, is one of the highlights of its MBA program. You can also choose between an Executive MBA and the Oxford 1+1 MBA. This is a unique opportunity to combine a one-year MBA with one of a limited number of Master’s degrees in public policy, computer science, or criminology. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of a certain specialization before enrolling in the general business administration degree.

  1. University of Warwick

Followed by Oxford, University of Warwick is the leading and one of the top universities worldwide. Workshops on client persuasion skills, successful presentations, diversity and culture in global business, and compelling applications and interviews are all available as part of Warwick Business School’s MBA program. The full-time MBA program lasts 12 months and costs £43,950.

You’ll have the option to specialize in entrepreneurship, which entails devoting 50% of your time to that subject and 50% to core MBA material. ‘Innovation and creativity in organizations,’ ‘Managing in a New World,’ and ‘Organizational Behavior’ are among the modules available. Along with the available options other options that are available at Warwick includes distance learning MBA and Executive MBA.

  1. Schulich School of Business, York University

The Schulich, York University MBA is a 16-month program that offers an integrated approach to general management fundamentals and combines classroom learning with hands-on experience through an eight-month strategic consulting project working with real clients, problems, and solutions. It is known for its global reach, innovative programs, and diverse perspectives. The program provides 19 different specializations, full-time, part-time (evening and weekend) and accelerated study choices, 75 exchange partners, and internship opportunities all year long. With an acceptance rate of around 8%, the school is regarded for being highly selective for its curriculum and regraded as the best university in Canada for masters and offers quality education and hand on approach to build global leaders.

  1. McGill University

The 20-month Desautels Faculty of Management degree at McGill University offers a variety of international study opportunities, including a 10-day international study tour on which all students travel as a cohort. Students at the Montréal university can also participate in a number of local and/or international internships or participate in an exchange program to study at another top business school. Students may also choose to pursue a specific project during the program under the supervision of a faculty member.


To sum up whatever that has been stated before, MBA has always been a course that has enticed many people to enroll in the top study abroad universities. With each passing year, an increasing number of international students fly to study MBA in another country. Not only does it provide the best education, but it also provides excellent chances. With many benefits that top universities allow you to explore Communication skills and networking are the two cherries on the cake.

When you leave your native country and are no longer surrounded by your compatriots, you grow as a person. Your communication skills, for example, will grow by leaps and bounds. Along with independence, you’ll gain organizing abilities. When you study MBA overseas, you will meet people from various cultures and ethnicities, which will broaden your thinking and improve your personality. And with communication skills comes your ability to connect with more and more people and what is the most valuable commodity in the world for a businessperson? Networking. Consider the contacts you’ll receive from the world’s most successful businesspeople. In many ways, networking will begin at the university level, and this is one of the most significant advantages of studying MBA abroad from the best universities worldwide.

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