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Tips on How a Parent Can Support a Gifted Child


Having a gifted child can be both a blessing and a challenge. For parents who want to harness the full potential of a gifted child, there is always the dilemma of making sure that there is balanced exposure, and development, concerning both social and academic learning. Another challenge for parents is finding sufficient resources so that a gifted child does not get bored or quickly lose interest. How can a parent of a gifted child better support both the child’s interests and foster a balanced development?

Provide the child with all the tools needed for success

It is essential first to identify your child’s interests. Is the child showing potential in the sciences, arts, or mathematics? Apart from straightforward learning courses and education programs that match the child’s abilities, you can also augment rapid learning by providing tools and additional learning materials. For example, some educations institutions and academies offer programming for kids which are summer courses filled with fun and exciting activities to learn to code at a young age.

Encourage the child to engage in activities they feel they don’t excel in

Parents of gifted children typically get this advice from child development experts. Although it sounds simple enough, it is one of the most difficult to succeed in. The natural attitude of parents is to encourage children to pursue what they are good at, never what they are bad at. The wisdom in this is that when children experience failure early on, they persevere more. Gifted children who excel in various areas often feel the most challenged when they are out of their comfort zone. It is also vital for them to learn that it’s ok to not be good at everything all the time.

Seek help if needed

Dealing with a gifted child is not easy. In many countries, there are special schools and education curricula designed for gifted children. In these instances, it is possible for a parent not to have the financial resources necessary to send their gifted child to a special school. There are scholarships available and a network of parents with similar interests who can provide support not only for the child but for the parents as well.

Embrace their abilities wholeheartedly

Parents of gifted children sometimes feel uncomfortable about the abilities of their children. Whether it intimidates them because they don’t know how to best approach the situation, or they are afraid it may lead their children to become boastful and isolate themselves from other children. One of the best ways to support a gifted child is to be completely open-minded about what they are capable of. Parents may eventually find it exciting to discover and learn the extent and limit of what their child can do. The earlier you accept it wholeheartedly, the more you can help your child in making their own decision and offer the necessary support essential to their development. Acceptance is a crucial step in raising a well-rounded and well-adjusted child who is also gifted and holds a lot of potential.

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