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For those who endeavour to build a successful career in the world of Agile, the highest knowledge of Scrum is absolutely necessary. Getting the various levels of the PSM certification is a great way to establish such proficiency and become more visible in the industry. The Professional Scrum Master accreditation is approved by the highest industry bodies and it reflects the holder’s ability to utilize Scrum practices for product delivery and operations. Companies are adopting Agile for better performance and to gain a competitive edge because of its very distinctive iterative approach. Those with a good knowledge of Scrum are now sought after for this very reason. The PSM course is the best platform you can get to succeed at the certification exam. It will give you a great understanding of Scrum core practices and philosophy. Find out more about this very relevant training program.

About the Course

Depending on your requirements, you can either opt for the classroom or corporate training format to join the PSM certification course. The course is suited for those who have prior experience with Scrum and who are looking to add more to their existing knowledge base. The course will go on for two days and it is divided into multiple modules. The course trainers have a very good industry background and come with all the teaching skills required for such a complex and important discipline. The learning sessions have a strong interactive quotient and this will be fortified with the most updated course theory. Practical sessions will help you learn how to apply the Scrum techniques in a real-world scenario. This course commences with sessions on the Scrum theory and will be followed by important lessons on topics like the Definition of Done, Scrum Framework and more. Participants will learn more about running Scrum projects and as the course progresses, the tutors will discuss Scrum’s place in a modern organization and the why role of the Scrum Master is very crucial. On completion of the course, you will be eligible to attempt the level 1 PSM exam. Learn more about the different PSM levels on this link.

Takeaways from the PSM Training

After this course, you will have a thorough understand of the required dynamics between team members and the nuances of Scrum philosophy that ensure successful Agile adoption.Apart from delegating knowledge based on the exciting course material, the trainers will also share various industry tips and best practices.After the course, you will gain 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs. KnowledgeHut will also provide support and assistance in the lead-up to the certification exam.

A Leader in Scrum Education

KnowledgeHut is known across the world as a leading provider and platform for industry-relevant certification exams and courses. Thousands have used its exciting blend of cutting-edge learning platforms and indispensible classroom environment to gain very critical professional skill sets. Consider enrolling for the PSM certification and get the visibility you deserve.

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