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Popular Teens Magazines

Searching for popular teens magazines? Today, teen magazines have grown to be accepted ever. Countless teen Americans are enthusiastic readers of those teen magazines due to the entertainment they offer. Here are the most widely used teen magazines today:

Cicada Magazine

Cicada is really a magazine made specifically for teens and youthful adults which are aged 14 or more. It offers readers rich inEqualshigh quality creative works in fiction and poetry coping with various becoming an adult issues. This magazine is best for individuals who appreciate good writing. The tales and poems are compiled by adult and teen authors, that offer a brand new perspective about teenage existence.

American Cheerleader Magazine

American Cheerleader is essential magazine for cheerleaders. It offers information associated with cheerleader training and health advice. With each and every publication of the magazine, you’ll find routines, stuns, tips during competition, beauty tips, advice on raising money, among many more. We have an believed audience in excess of 3 million nationwide because it is the best magazine today focused on cheerleading. This magazine is best for women and guys between 12 to twenty years of age who like cheerleading and it is ambitious to get one.


J-14 is the typical teen magazine. You will find the most typical, but quite interesting features for example teen gossip, fashion, quizzes, posters, hot couples and celebrities. J-14 is really a comprehensive magazine that is stuffed with entertainment that teens and youthful adults are certain to appreciate.

Teen Graffiti Magazine

The primary feature of the magazine is it provides teens the chance to write their creative works as well as their opinions on the most crucial problems that affect their lives. These problems include family, love, community, smoking, and many more.

Junior Baseball Magazine

Who states teen magazines are simply for women? Baseball enthusiasts aged 7 to 16, their parents as well as their coaches will certainly appreciate Junior Baseball Magazine. This magazine comes complete with a lot of tips and advice for players to be able to enhance their baseball performance – from hitting to pitching, tossing to fielding, and anything else among. Additionally, it contains feature on information associated with almost every facet of a the game of basketball. A classic must for sports and baseball-inclined youthful adults.

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