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Encourage Safety with an Effective Single Central Record Solution

A single central record is an incredibly useful tool, and often a requirement in many establishments where they are key components in the safe recruiting and safeguarding of children and staff members.

Schools and colleges must keep a single central record to meet guidelines and cooperate with legislation, and the record covers all of the staff and everybody else who works in contact with children on a regular basis.

Keeping Children Safe

Since one of the primary purposes is to keep children safe and encourage safety in learning institutions, it’s important that the single central record provided to you is of a high quality. You can find a certified single central record company to supply you with everything you need and be willing to create a bespoke record that meets your specific needs.

What Information Can You Record?

Single central records cover temporary and permanent employees, and there is a handful of information that should be included in the record, such as:

  • Full names, address, birthdates, and other identity information
  • Qualifications
  • DBC checks
  • Checks for childcare issues
  • Right to work in the UK
  • If a person has lived abroad

Information may vary depending on the company you work with, and if you require certain information, your single central record company can draft a bespoke record for you. This ensures that all information needed is accommodated for and you meet all of your requirements as an institution, and as a requirement, it’s important to work with somebody who is willing to do this.

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