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Employees (and Potential Employees) Are Customers Too!

I acquired an SMS earlier today from the company which eerily seemed like a junk e-mail message: “Company X invites both you and your buddies to consider an itemized assessment on April 30.” The SMS then proceeds to furnish the recipient with Company X’s office address and exam instructions. Then in the finish, another spammy clue: “Kindly disregard for those who have taken test already.”

As I remember submitting my CV to Company X, that happened a lengthy time ago which is the very first time I am talking with them. Balance delayed timing, as well as the highly impersonal nature from the message, makes me question if the position I’d requested such a long time ago continues to be available and should i be still within the running for this – or if this sounds like only a random message meant to widen their pool of applicants for a number of positions they’ve already available. (For those I understand, they could be going the clear way of other companies and establishing a Shared Services group, thus hiring massive levels of individuals to act as BPO and answering services company drones – something I’m not whatsoever thinking about.) In either case, the SMS they sent had the alternative effect the sender had intended: instead of preparing myself to consider an itemized assessment, I shrugged them back.

Now we all know that Company X – associated with pension transfer others – most likely processes lots of applications and therefore have short time for coddling individual candidates. Still, companies need to comprehend it works for both. Yes, we (the mark employees) have a better need compared to what they do (We would like employment! We want employment!) you will find, companies wield more power than us within this situation. In the finish during the day, however, they’re still marketing themselves to potential employees being an employer of preference (pick us over every other company that could give you employment offer) simultaneously that people sell ourselves for them because the best person to employ for the job. Within this situation, IMHO, I am unfortunately that the organization has unsuccessful to endear itself in my experience as your interviewer. While I am not searching for bells, whistles and all sorts of that jazz, I’d a minimum of wished to determine some personalization – any small indication they see me as a person and not simply another HR statistic.

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