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Aspects of Choosing a School for your Child

We all have to go through the time when our child reaches school age, and choosing a school is not something to take lightly, indeed, the school you choose will be a major variable as to how well your child learns. Of course, there are quite a few schools to choose from, and with that in mind, here are a few aspects to take into account when selecting a school for your son or daughter.

  • The Right Curriculum – Every school follows a curriculum, which would typically be the national curriculum of that particular country. Some schools create their own curriculum, which they can do if the MoE approves the program. It is universally accepted that the British National Curriculum is currently the best there is, which you would find at any international school in Bangkok and the benefits are enormous when a child learns in such a structured way.
  • Location – No child should spend more than 45 minutes travelling to and from school, so location is important, and the best way to source local schools is to search with Google, which will give you a list of school websites and your quest can begin. On the other hand, if a school is right on your doorstep, this should not be reason enough to choose that school, although it is a big plus.
  • K-12 Education – We all know how traumatic it can be to change schools and with a K-12 school, your child can complete the entire 12 years of formal education at the same institute. This has many benefits and the K-12 school would be split into 3 sections; early learning, middle and high school. The same campus, which would be large enough to accommodate the 3 sections, means the students are always in a familiar environment.
  • Style of Education – Some schools prefer to traditional classroom environment where the students sit in rows and the teacher stands in front of the whiteboard, while others adopt an active learning approach, which usually involves project-based learning, with the teacher taking on the role of a facilitator. It is worth noting that a happy child is a good learner, so avoid schools that seem strict and when visiting a school, you should be surrounded by beaming children’s faces. Learning absolutely must be fun and this ensures the best learning outcome, as studies confirm.

If you choose well, your child will enjoy a balanced education that will enable them to reach their fullest potential.

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