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An Educational, Interactive Experience In Leather Craft

Leather Craft Singapore is an educational, interactive experience in Leather craft. Leather Craft is a venue for leather enthusiasts and hobbyists to come together and learn the skills of Leather craftsmanship. They offer courses on Leatherworking, Saddlery, and Leather Carving, Tooling & Tanning too. This workshop has trained many people who have gone on to establish successful businesses making saddles or belts etc. Members also get discounts at leading department stores like Lane Crawford with vouchers they receive as part of their membership package.

Being a member gives you access to events such as our monthly presentation nights where we showcase different aspects of this centuries-old art form through demonstrations by industry professionals followed by Q&A sessions; complimentary stitching materials provided during our Leather Workshop Singapore, and invitations to Leather craft exhibitions in the city. Leather Craft Singapore is a Leather Museum and Leather Exhibition Centre which was established in 2006 by the National Council of Leather Industries, Singapore (NACIS).

Leather Craft Singapore is the only Leather Museum in Asia and was set up to preserve this centuries-old art form. Leather Craft Singapore now houses a Leather Lounge, The Leather Showroom, and an Education Centre for Visitors and Leather Craft Workshops for all levels of ability.

Membership entitles members to all workshops at Leather craft. For example, if you are interested in leather crafting or making bags etc. The leather Craft Singapore turns out to be an educational, interactive experience in Leather Crafting. It provides ample opportunities to the leather craft lovers to have some educational background in leather crafting. It gathers a person from different background and different interests together which enhances interaction capabilities of the people meeting, so it becomes a full package for the people to improve their overall development of their personality. This is what makes leather craft Singapore unique from other workshops in Singapore.

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