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Aim For A Progressive Career With Node JS Course

One of the many technologies which stand out on top when it comes to web application development is Node.js. Today, this is the technology of choice of many software companies in the globe. Most of the software professionals choose this technology for network applications. This is the best technology when it comes to gathering data, consolidate it and send the data to the clients in real-time.

So, if a candidate is thinking about learning more about Node.js and progress further ahead in their career, then he/she can choose Zeolearn for the same. Here, the courses are led by industry experts and the academy provides courses in varied structure and time. This is the reason the courses are convenient even for working professionals.

Professional Node JS course trainers aim to train the candidates to rise up in their skill levels. This is the reason it will be easy for students to explore this new technology. The course involves practical sessions, assignments, and real-time projects which help the students in understanding the concepts better. The course covers fundamental as well as advanced concepts in Node.js. Students are trained in building actual web applications. This will help them in their future professions. Even after the intensive training, candidates are provided with the best quality study material for their future reference.

Node.js Course at Zeolearn:

From the Node JS training by this academy, students can learn

  • Testing and debugging of the applications which are in Node.js
  • They will gain complete knowledge of concepts like events, stream, and modules. Along with this, the course also involves providing a complete understanding of advanced concepts
  • Candidates will start developing lightweight and fast applications which are scalable
  • They will also study and understand the concepts needed for better communication with the database and hence they will start building advanced network applications


When it comes to pre-requisite, candidates must have a better understanding and development experience in any one programming language. If they have working knowledge in JavaScript, it is the best pre-requisite of this course. In case if they know server technologies like Ruby, J2EE, or .NET, then it is an added advantage for them since they can understand this technology better.

This course can be taken up by students, project managers, any entrepreneurs, web designers, web developers, and anyone who wants to learn Node.js and start working on network applications.

Why Node.Js Course?

There are many reasons behind choosing this technology. Main reasons are it is highly flexible and because of its usability. There are many software companies which have already chosen Node.js. When we consider multi-user web applications, this is the best choice, and along with this, it is also suitable for real-time applications. This is the preferred choice for many since it is efficient, fast and it always promotes concurrent connections.

Modules of the Course:

There are mainly 4 types of course based on the structure

  • First one is online classroom sessions. This is best suited for working professionals, and it is led by experienced instructors
  • Next is classroom training which is best suited for students
  • There is one customised training type which is one- to – one and exclusively structured as per candidate’s needs
  • Other than this, Zeolearn also offers Corporate or team training. This can be picked up by companies to train their teams

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