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5 Top Benefits of a Digital Marketing Course

In today’s digital world when the internet and smartphones have brought a revolution in the world of marketing, digital marketing courses are becoming popular. Digital marketing is a technique of selling products and services to the tech-savvy internet users. The growing number of internet users and their reliance on online information for their decisions has created immense opportunities for businesses to market their products online.

With the number of internet users in India projected to grow from an estimated 700 million in 2020 to over 974 million by 2025, businesses need to adopt unique and powerful digital marketing techniques to market their products and services.

When to Go for a Digital Marketing Course?

The continued growth in the digital economy has boosted the demand for digital marketers who can constantly evolve to develop new techniques and make an impact on the targeted audience.  And this is possible when they have the necessary skills to run online ad campaigns and develop unique and effective content strategies.

According to statista.com, the size of the digital advertising industry across India has risen from 47 billion rupees in FY2015 to 199 billion rupees in FY2020 and is all set to go up to around 539 billion rupees by FY2024. And if you wish to become a part of this high-growth industry, you need to acquire the necessary skills to market a business and target the right audience. Get ready to learn digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing courses not only teach you about the functioning of search engines like Google and social media platforms, but also help you to learn use them for effective marketing.  You can become a successful digital marketing person by learning various skills and techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, Social Media Marketing or SMM, content marketing, and e-mail marketing to develop powerful campaigns for your clients.

You can even use your knowledge of these skills to start your own online business and market your products.

Some major skills that you get to learn from digital marketing training are:

  • SEO – This helps you learn how the search engines especially Google works and what elements make up a good SEO strategy.
  • Content Marketing – Study the impact of content marketing and differentiate between what is effective content and what is not.
  • Mobile App Marketing – At a time when smartphones are emerging as the major tools of search and other online transactions, learn mobile app marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing -Understand the power of social media and the role it plays in promoting a product or business. Know about social media influencers and their role in helping market a service or product.
  • E-mail marketing – You get to learn about various strategies and tools to set up and successfully run an online store.

A Google digital marketing course from a reputed institute will ensure that you not only become a part of this high-growth segment but also stay updated with the latest trends.

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