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3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Japanese As Second Language

There are numerous practical reasons why your child should take up a second language. Besides opening their mind to a new world and culture, learning a second language can be key to their development and problem-solving skills. There are obviously numerous languages to consider for your child, but if you want the kid to learn something that is more interesting and absorbing, Japanese could be a great option. In this post, we are sharing more on why your child should enroll for Japanese class.

  • Because it is different from English. The Japanese language is fascinating to many, although it is not a very hard language to learn, especially if you compare it with Mandarin or other Asian languages. In Japanese language, the object in a sentence precedes the verb, which is not the case with English. For your child, this could be a great experience, and can have a great influence the way he/she learns English.
  • Because it’s a whole new world. Japan is not merely fascinating, but also amazing in many ways. With the Japanese language, your kid can learn many things about the culture, local habits and practices, and that can shape the way he thinks of the world. Also, Japanese, as we mentioned, is not that tough to learn, which means that picking up the language wouldn’t make things harder for your child’s academic progression.

  • Because your child can understand and value differences. Japan is known for its incredible culture, food habits, and good behavior. Japanese allows your child to explore all of that and appreciate a country that’s often very different from the one they are living in. As a parent, you would want your child to understand and value differences in opinions and habits, and Japanese allows for that.

There are many Asian language schools that have Japanese classes and courses for kids. Check with the right one and ensure that the teachers are native Japanese speakers or have relevant degree and experience in the language. You may want the child to take a trial class, so that they can identify and understand Japanese in a small but practical manner. While there are many languages in Asia, Japanese stands out for many reasons, also because the country has a big role to play in the global economy and is quite different from its neighbors. Shortlist a few Japanese courses for kids now, and open a new path of learning for your child.

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